This is where you can join MRPW (Mystical Roleplay Wiki) and begin to roleplay. Enter the details of your character in the comments section below, and please wait until you are approved by a comment from Bloodstar18 before you continue. You will need to fill in the information below for your character. However, some aspects of your character are chosen by the admins. It is advised that you join only one character to start with, and add more later when you have got the hang of the wiki.

You will need to tell me your character's;

Name: Self explanitory. Normally, Araleian's only go by one name. Some races have requirements for names.

Age: All characters must be twelve years old atleast.

Gender: Male or female. Pretty obvious.

Birthdate: Month only. There 12 Araleian months are Angi, Thegr, Apollo, Elda, Magta, Demeter, Shiva, Nelak, Favan, Sati, Rigross, and Lilic. Choose one of these months to be the birthdate of your character. Every time this month comes, they will turn a year older. They are in the order of the seasons, starting with Summer, then Autumn, next Winter, and last Spring. Each Araleian month in equal to one Earth month

Family: Your family are not particularly important, as you will not be able to roleplay your character's parents, however you may choose to roleplay a brother or sister for your character, and their family will likely be mentioned in their quest, so this needs to be filled in with names of parents and names and ages of siblings.

Clan: Find out more information about the clans of Arale here. Pick one for your character, or, you can let an Admin decide.

Personality: Tell us about your character. What are they like? Do they have hobbies? What are some of their favorite things?

Quest: Your character must roleplay his or her way along a quest for the adventures to begin. Along the way they are likely to encounter other roleplaying characters. Quest may not be picked by the joining user. After a character has completed one quest, they can either settle down and start a family, go on another quest, open a shop, or wonder Arale. Characters will be chosen to lead a race will be chosen by Bloodstar18