Elves are the most passive of the Tribes. They will often try to avoid conflict and try to discuss their problems. This means they are often seen as weak or shy, but the elves are incredibly intelligent, speaking foremost Kytran but can speak every other language. They have a degree of magical ability, mostly in order to help nature; Elves are very in tune with nature. Alike Mages, Elves believe in the Skarta Gods and live, on average, 200 years.


Magic in the WoodsEdit

Before the tribes, the elves lived in harmony in the Kyrar Forest, unseen by any of the other peoples. They lived at peace with each other, though did not take kindly to others entering their forest. Although the elves were, and still are, not fond of conflict, they are not quick to trust others.

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Within the TribeEdit

There are three sub tribes in the Elves Tribe, each living in different parts of the Kryar Forest. Each have slightly different abilities, and they all live in harmony in order to use thier abilities to full potential.

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